The Choice is Clear for Your New Windows

Enhance your home in North Miami Beach or Hollywood, FL with an impact window installation

Is your home in the North Miami Beach or Hollywood, FL area ready for hurricane season? Make sure by hiring Florida Energy Consultants to install new impact windows. We'll deliver and install your heavy-duty, energy-efficient windows and doors with care so you can count on them to stand up to severe storm conditions. We can also install impact roofing.

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Boost the comfort and security of your home

Boost the comfort and security of your home

By installing impact doors and windows in your North Miami Beach or Hollywood, FL area home, you can:

  • Protect your residence from intruders and harsh weather, since impact glass is built to withstand force.
  • Reduce noise and create a more peaceful indoor environment, since impact glass is thicker than standard glass.
  • Save money on your energy bills by sealing in climate-controlled air better than standard glass.

Learn more about the benefits of impact doors and windows by checking out our Windows and Doors pages.

Why make the switch?

Hurricane Protection

Did you know that forty percent of the hurricanes that strikes the U.S. lands in South Florida? How long have you been living in South Florida? What do you do to prepare for a storm? By upgrading your home with hurricane windows and doors you will spend virtually no time securing your home for any pending storms. Category 5 hurricanes can go up to 154 mph, your county Building Code ensures that your upgraded windows will protect up to 180 mph wind speeds. Just imagine never nailing plywood to your home. How nice would that be?

Energy Efficiency

We offer an extensive selection of glass types including insulating glass, laminated glass, and laminated insulating glass. These options contribute to decreased indoor energy usage, as well as lower heating and cooling costs.

The residential windows we offer do much more than beautify. They can also lower your energy bills. Impact windows and doors are your home's best barrier against wasted energy. Many of our providers' products offer multiple opportunities to achieve ENERGY STARĀ® ratings to improve energy performance even further. These options include:

  • High-performance Low-E to deflect solar heat gain and keep unwanted heat outside your home
  • Glass tints that are effective at reducing heat transmitted through your windows
  • Argon gas which helps reflect outside heat to regulate the temperatures inside your home

And more!

Hurricane impact windows and doors are not just a luxury but are a major necessity for all homeowners living in this topical climate. When installing hurricane windows and door the benefits are endless such as:

  • protect your family from debris and wind pressure up to 145 mph without the need of bulky shutters or splintering plywood
  • reduce the outside noise
  • lower your electric usage by as much as 40%. If saving almost half of your utility was not enough
  • Florida law mandates up to 50% savings on homeowner insurance